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Obtaining Locations for your Machines
Servicing your Accounts
Maintaining your Machines
Why Gumballs and what about locations that don't want Gumballs?

Obtaining Locations
At Wizard Vending, we STRONGLY encourage you to get your own locations...that is the real work in this business. Anyone can fill a machine with product and scoop out quarters. Besides, nobody can represent your company and services as well as you. It is important that you make the initial contact with the location owner or manager. It will help you in the long run.

In over 12 years of vending experience we have NEVER heard ANYONE say they had a completely positive experience with a locating company. That doesn't mean nobody has ever had a good experience, but the thousands of people we have talked to and worked with have never had a good experience. Are there reputable locators out there? There must be, but there are none that we can recommend.

So here are some Recommendations. We call them Recommendations because it is YOUR business and YOU make the Rules.

#1: Make contact. Nobody can represent your company like you can. The best person to make the first contact with potential location owners is YOU. It is your business...your part of it. The real work in this business is locating...getting locations, keeping your current locations happy and finding more and better locations.If you are uncomfortable with the thought of locating...consider asking an upbeat friend to help you. Locating is very, very easy...if you are prepared. Keep reading and we will explain how to prepare.

#2: Always be asking. Start by asking the places you frequent for permission to put a machine in their location. Most people go out to eat occasionally, they go to stores to shop, they visit specialty stores...those are great places to practice your presentation.

Start Inside your Head. The best 1st step to locating is start thinking about people you know who own businesses that might be good spots for equipment. Who do you know who works in the retail industry or food services? Car dealerships? Bowling Alleys? Networking with people you already know is a wonderful beginning...there will be plenty of opportunities for you to "cold call" later on. Work with "warm leads" first. Let as many people as possible know that you are thinking about getting started and ask them if they can help you...people love to help and can supply plenty of possible locations. Write down as many names as possible and take the action to visit them.

#3: Don't "burn" great locations when you first get started. Visit 10 or 20 or 50 small businesses before you go to the bigger stores. Why? Most people need to polish their presentation by practicing it many times before facing the best prospects. When you ask a location owner for permission to locate a machine in their business you will definitely hear some objections and the objections are common..."we don't allow gum in our business", "we don't have the space", "I'm sorry, we can't help you". There are great answers to all of those objections.

#4: Keep Good Records. Keep track of the date of the visit, who you spoke to, the name of the location manager or owner. Getting a "Yes" to put equipment is sometimes a 3 or 4 visit process. Having good notes allows you to speak confidently.

#5: Work from your Home Base outwards. Don't get equipment scattered all around town. Start locating closest to home and work your way out in a controlled manner. Once you have a few locations it gets much easier. Then you can share experience with prospects..."You know what Mr. Bill, who owns the Toasty Sub likes about the equipment is..."

#6: Take a sample machine - if possible. Sure it's nice to have a color brochure but nothing compares with the real deal...have a machine out in your car or truck ready. Having a machine will increase the odds of the "Slam Dunk". The "Slam Dunk" is when you walk into a location, set the machine down waiting to talk to the owner and before you open your mouth the owner says, "I love that machine...put it right over there."

#7: Remember that a rejection of your offer is not personal. When you receive a "No" from a potential location, they are not rejecting you as a person...they are rejecting your offer. This is the very hardest part of locating. The solution to the last "No" is always through the next door.

A great method of always guaranteeing success is to go locating with a specific goal...for example, make your goal to visit 50 potential locations. Don't make your goal to locate 10 machines. Locating is a numbers game. You have to keep asking to get the locations. And remember, if you don't get out there and ask for locations maybe someone else will get to your locations before you do.

#8: Don't be afraid to re-visit good locations that have refused your offer in the past. When a location says "No", they are really saying "No, not today". Of course, if the owner pulls out a shotgun after you make your offer, I would take that as a pretty solid "No" and not return. However, many times you catch the owner/manager at a bad time and the next time you visit they will be more receptive.

#9: Know your Equipment. Don't take unfamiliar equipment to a location. If you are new to a piece of equipment inspect it and get familiar with it before you haul it on site. Fumbling with a machine trying to put it together or get it to work with the location owner looking over your shoulder is not a good beginning.

Probably the most important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN!! If a person cannot have fun with a gumball machine or bulk vending equipment then it is probably not the right business for them. Remember too, that you are not asking locations to help you...YOU ARE OFFERING TO HELP THEM. You are taking space that is currently not making them one penny and will turn that space into income for them and offer another service to their existing customers. Have fun.

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Servicing your Accounts
As soon as you have your first location you will want to set up a system to record the date you visit the location, amount of money the machine made and the amount of commission paid. The better your system works with one machine the easier it will be for you when you have 50 or 100 machines.

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Machine Maintenance
We are confident you will have trouble-free operation of your equipment for years to come but want to assure you that if you should have any troubles in the future we are here to help you.

Normal maintenance for most bulk vending equipment is simply filling with product, collecting and counting the money and cleaning the equipment every time you go to service the machine. It goes something like this...pour product in the top...scoop money out of the bottom. Clean the machine. Pay the location their commission (if applicable).

Cleanliness is extremely important. Even though dirt cannot get into the product compartments few people are willing to put money into a dirty machine. Plus a dirty machine makes the location owner unhappy and makes people wonder what kind of business person would allow their equipment to get so dirty. It is in your best interest to keep your equipment clean!

Most route operators visit their locations every couple of weeks. Many visit their machines once a month. Just dropping by to see how things are going with your equipment is a great idea.

You will need to know as much as possible about each piece of equipment you operate. Your learning starts when you get your equipment. Operating instructions are standard for all of our equipment. Any specific, technical questions you have can be answered by our sales people. If the sales person is not able to answer your questions you will talk to the person who actually built the machines.

Remember, that all repair/replacement parts are available and we have all the technical expertise you will need. We are only a phone call away.

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Why Gumballs and what about locations that don't want Gumballs?
The 1" gumball is king of the vending business!!! A gumball costs between 2 to 4 cents. You sell it for 25 cents...that means you make at least 20 on every vend. Compare that to a can of soda. If you buy a case of sodas you pay around 30 cents per can and sell it for 50 cents so you make around 20 cents per vend.

In full service soda and snack vending the equipment is very expensive, heavy and complex. Your inventory is staggering!! Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7 UP, Sprite, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, bottled water...and more. Snacks include chips, chocolates, cookies, peanuts, bubble gum, sandwiches...and more!!! (Trust us, we own a full-service vending company, too! We prefer gumballs.)

With a Gumball Wizard route, inventory is limited to around 3 or 4 items...gum will account for 85 to 90 percent of your accounts. For those accounts that don't want gum you will put in Secret Centers (a semi-hard candy that is round like gum and looks like gum but melts in their mouth faster than a jawbreaker). If a location doesn't want ANY gum or candy you may use 1" bouncy balls (we used to call them rubber balls) or Puzzle balls (a 1" toy that can be taken apart and reassembled).

How do I get started? Let me make an analogy...when I bought my first computer I didn't have a clue how to plug it in and turn it on. I didn't buy the computer because I knew how to use it...I bought it because I DIDN'T know how to use it and the only way to learn was to do it.

I know the very best way to get started in this business is to buy your first machine and ask for help in getting a location. Trust me, when you have that machine you will be very motivated to get it on location. As a matter of fact, many people start looking for locations before they buy their first machine. Then when the machine arrives they rush it to their location!!!

This business is far from complicated. When I began helping people get started in their own Gumball Wizard route I used to tell them that the business was a "NO BRAINER" but then I would correct myself and explain to them that you do need a brain. I explained that this IS a business and must be run like a business.

Let us help you grow your business.

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