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WIZARDVENDING.COM and K&L International have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to your online protection.

Participation in any offers, contests, or promotions is completely voluntary. Please read on for more information about our privacy policy, information gathering process and dissemination practices for this web site.

The information collected on WIZARDVENDING.COM is used to identify individual accounts for the online store. In addition, the information collected by WIZARDVENDING.COM gives users access to our WIZARDVENDING.COM newsletter, upcoming special offers and further free products/services that we feel may be of interest to the user. We may also provide current advertising partners with a summary of consumer statistics, or bring high-quality third party companies into contact with consumers strictly for marketing purposes.

Email Privacy
We only send email to our subscribers on the topics they specifically request. WIZARDVENDING.COM is a direct marketer that delivers targeted messages to the email addresses of specific community members. All members of the WIZARDVENDING.COM community have specifically requested that they receive information related to particular topics. Our site's registration form requires users to give their email address. It is optional for that user to provide us with any additional information, both for contests, surveys, and other web activities.

In all cases, the basic information that is necessary for the purchase of the WIZARDVENDING.COM product includes the users full name, address and email address, credit card information, billing address and billing option. This allows consumers to receive their products, requested information and future offers of personal interest. In the event of a contest or other type of promotion, or when visiting an affiliate site, additional information may be requested, i.e. age, sex, or various demographic content. This information may also be used to inform users about operational changes to our website or to disseminate anonymous data, which does not allow you to be identified or contacted, by a third party regarding. We may also collect information that is given voluntarily through responses to surveys, questionnaires, etc. This information will be used to help us improve our products and services and the operations of the web site. No names will be sold to 3rd parties without first obtaining user consent.

WIZARDVENDING.COM does not use email addresses unless it is to contact a subscriber about topics or interests they have specifically requested more information about. WIZARDVENDING.COM reviews and reserves the right to edit all outgoing messages to ensure messages are delivered only to those subscribers requesting the information. In each and every email, users are given the opportunity to opt out of future mailings by following a simple unsubscribe process. Users can also unsubscribe by sending an email message to info@WIZARDVENDING.COM. Postal mail addresses provided to WIZARDVENDING.COM during the registration process or afterwards may be shared with outside parties, with user approval.

WIZARDVENDING.COM may also collect information through the use of Cookies. "Cookies" are small computer files that are transferred to the computer's hard drive and allow us to know how often a particular person visits our website and what offers they may visit while there. Cookies are an industry standard and can be found at most major Web sites. WIZARDVENDING.COM will never use cookies to retrieve information from your computer that was not originally sent in a cookie. This information enables us to generate advertising, links and content on web pages specifically designed for that user, and to statistically monitor how many people are using our site and for what purposes.

Please keep in mind that any information (including personal information) that is divulged in a public setting is not protected under this Privacy Policy and may be seen by third parties not related to WIZARDVENDING.COM and used by them to contact you for unauthorized purposes. In addition, if you link or connect to a third party web site from WIZARDVENDING.COM, any information disclosed on that site is not subject to this Privacy Policy. Please refer to the privacy policy of each individual site for more information.

At WIZARDVENDING.COM, our policy is to affiliate with 3rd party companies who's content is void of all hate, racial, or sexual material and/or references. If we are made aware of such content on an affiliates site, the site and/or company will be removed from all WIZARDVENDING.COM data stores. WIZARDVENDING.COM will not give the ability to children under 13 to post publicly or otherwise distribute personally identifiable contact information without prior Verifiable Parental Consent, and will make best efforts to prohibit a child from posting any contact information on the site. WIZARDVENDING.COM is not responsible for the child protection policies on third party content providers, although will make every effort to ensure 3rd party sites have child protection policies.

At WIZARDVENDING.COM we are committed to ensuring personal security. Our site has security procedures in place to protect the misuse, lose or alteration of the information that has been entrusted to us. All data is protected by leading technical safeguards, and Web security is monitored on a continuous basis with adherence to strict regulations. Only key executives and members of the development team at WIZARDVENDING.COM have the ability to access files requiring security clearances; all of whom follow a strict code of conduct in the handling of this information. In addition, all WIZARDVENDING.COM employees are made aware of corporate security policies upon hire, change of position or change of policy.

By visiting our Web site, you are agreeing to the collection and use of this information by WIZARDVENDING.COM. If at any time our Privacy Policy changes, those changes will be posted to the Web site so all guest to our site are aware of the changes. While we try to ensure these other sites' Privacy Statements conform to our own, WIZARDVENDING.COM cannot represent or guarantee that they do so. Again, please review the Privacy Statement of any sites linked to WIZARDVENDING.COM

Your questions and comments about the Privacy Policy of WIZARDVENDING.COM are always welcome. Please send any inquiries to info@WIZARDVENDING.COM

End Privacy Statement.

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