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About Wizard Vending
With over 12 years in the vending industry, K&L International Enterprises, Inc. (doing business as Wizard Vending) and over 5 years with a presence online, our #1 goal is to help our customers reach their goals while using our equipment. We learned early on that the way to succeed is by helping as many people as possible succeed. We have helped many; we would be honored to help you.

Many times we talk with customers looking for a way to get rich quick. We hate to pop their bubble but explain that vending is a "get rich slow" business...but that the riches will come if they are willing to do the work.

When people used to ask us, "What do you do", we would rattle on about how we sell the Gumball Wizard and bulk vending supplies, how we sell machines around the world, and how the Wizard brand is a patented machine and is recognized around the world, etc.

Our newest answer is much simpler: We help people make money while doing nothing. Then we explain that while we have been chatting, someone somewhere has put money into one of the machines we supplied to a customer. And that our customer didn't have to be there to receive the money.

Our roots in vending stretch into several branches. Back in the old days we started in Full Service Snack and Soda Vending. Although we still operate routes (under a different business name) we stopped growing that segment because we chose to specialize in an area that would allow us to work with more entrepreneurs...people, perhaps like you, who want more and who are willing to take action.

So, we know that OWNING a snack and soda vending company is much better than OPERATING a snack and soda vending company. Operating a full service vending company is tedious and frustrating. Inventory is difficult to control and heavy and the machines are complex electro-mechanical machines that require expertise to repair. Bulk vending is simple and the profit margin is much better than full service snack and soda.

So we fell in love with the 25 cent gumball and that has remained our focus. Besides providing machines to others, we operate everything we sell. So we know how to locate machines, how to service them, how much commission to pay to location owners, and how frequently to service machines. You can learn that stuff on our Start Your Own Biz page.

Want to get to know us better? Drop by the manufacturing plant show room here in Arizona. We have customers from the United States and around the world visit the manufacturing plant every week. Since lots of heavy lifting goes on at the plant we ask that visits are by appointment only so we have someone available to show you around.

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